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Make It Yourself – Rosebud Pomander


Fancy getting a bit crafty, with one of our ‘make it yourself’ kits?

Who doesn’t love having a bit of ‘me time’ and being creative? With this in mind I have launched my ‘make it yourself’ kits.

This kit contains all you need to make one of my rosebud pomanders. This is easy to do so can be done by adults or children (with supervision due to wire being involved).

In the kit is the oasis sphere, a length of copper wire, grosgrain ribbon, dried rosebuds and pva glue. All you will need is a pair of scissors. The tutorial to help you make the pomander is available via a video in a facebook group. Upon purchase of the product you will receive the login details in the kit. Once you have accessed the facebook group you can see the video instructions, ask questions and upload a photo of your finished product. Every photo uploaded will be placed in a free prize draw and the winner will receive the following months kit for free. Happy crafting everyone!


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